Some might say it’s foolhardy to be writing a blog on the 1st of April but hey ho this is being posted after midday so believe what you will!

March brought another eclectic mix of topics and travels. Standing in the jockey’s weighing room at Epsom Downs Racecourse I could almost imagine Frankie Detorri celebrating after another famous victory. My visit to meet general manager Simon Durrant was fascinating research for a behind-the-scenes feature about not only Surrey’s but the world’s most famous flat race, The Derby.

Another trip into the unknown, although it felt like an altogether more covert operation, took me to Europe’s first wasabi farm. I’m giving nothing away by saying that Hampshire’s remarkable spring waters have worked their magic once more. And having been known for so long as the capital of watercress, there’s definitely another green revolution underway. My thanks to Tom Amery of The Wasabi Company for showing me around (thank goodness I packed wellies) and for entrusting me with a wasabi plant of my own – fresh wasabi is a revelation, trust me.

While I was prepared for getting my feet wet, down on the farm, it was a nice surprise, to see the sun returning this month. And writing-up a feature on beaches in the south certainly put me in a holiday mood. As I discovered though, you don’t need to take a week’s holiday – some of the best sandy spots are right on our doorstep, it’s just a case of thinking outside the box. Coastal areas could be getting some competition from riverbanks, ponds, even pop-up city beaches when the bucket and spade brigade set off this summer. All will be revealed inside the next issue of parenting magazine Baby Surrey / Hampshire / London.